6 Ways to Make Blog Writing Super Easy


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Blogging is more important than ever. With the introduction of Google’s newest algorithm called Hummingbird, you can no longer rely on keywords. Now the search engine’s spiders are looking much harder at your content to make sure you explain what you do in your text. Your ranking will be related to a combination of your website’s updated content and your social media score. The more text you have, the more opportunities to rank higher for what you do.

That means, you now have no choice but to keep good content flowing on your site. And the easiest way to do that is by blogging!

I know people tend to groan when I say they need to write blog posts due to four main reasons. You might say:

  1. I don’t have time to write
  2. I don’t know what to write
  3. I don’t like to write
  4. I’m not good at writing

Each reason is completely understandable. You excel at your business and your main focus is not writing. You have better things to do with your limited time like close more sales. You might still cringe remembering your high school English teacher’s criticism. Unfortunately, none of these excuses get you off the hook – because you have no choice to maintain higher search engine rankings today. You need fresh, quality content on your site more than ever.

Here’s Good News about Blog Writing and SEO Content

Let me share some really good news. Your life can be made super easy when you hire me to ghost write those blog posts for you! As an SEO content writer, I will make sure the words you need to convey your business offerings are included and in all the right places. I’ve been a ghost blogger for a business coach, a patient satisfaction expert and a lighting website. I’ve written articles for therapists, doctors, landscapers, organizers, solar panel manufacturers and even about jewelry.

6 Simple Ways to Create Quality Content
Whether your business is B2B, technical, or consumer-oriented, I can create quality content in any of these six easy ways. Each method is fast and super simple. You can:

  1. Scribble out a few bullets and let me turn it into a blog post
  2. Get something rough on paper and so I can polish it up for you
  3. Let me interview you and write a few blogs from our conversation
  4. Written a book? That’s great blog fodder for me to write from
  5. Turn your old newsletters into blog posts
  6. Provide the topic and I’ll research and write it for you

Hire a Professional Blogger and SEO Content Writer
Why should you struggle with blogging when this marketing tool can be simple and so effective? Let go of thinking it has to be hard. Stop putting it off.  Push past resistance now and take the first step towards crafting great content for your website now.

Ready to get started? Call me at 203-877-3777 and let’s talk about your blog, what to write and how I can make it one of your easiest marketing tasks.

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