Marketing Copy: Have You Ever Had a Marketing Melt-Down?

marketing copywriter, blog writer, SEO content writer, marketing melt downDoes this sound at all familiar?

You decide it’s time to step up and promote yourself so you can get some new business.

You might:
• Be ready to revamp your website or start a new one, but don’t know what to focus on
• Need to create a brochure, but you aren’t sure how to differentiate yourself
• Want to write a post card campaign to get new customers, but don’t know what to say

So you put the marketing copy project away to deal with it later…

What Causes a Marketing Melt-Down?

The uncertainty of what to say can cause you to question everything and make you freeze up. Talking about yourself is incredibly hard! What do you want to be known for? How can you stand out in the marketplace? A marketing melt-down stops all movement.

Before you can tackle marketing and writing projects, you need to be very clear about your target audience, the solutions you provide for them and your message so you are able to communicate all of that effectively.

If You’re Stuck or Ready to Write Materials, I Can Help!

If you need marketing materials to promote your business and feel stuck, I understand. That’s where I can help. Working together, you will attain clarity for compelling marketing materials that clearly communicate your advantages, open doors and land new customers
or clients.

A Marketing Melt-Down Can Be a Marketing Boon!

While being stuck is unpleasant, it motivates business owners to seek a clear marketing strategy which is a very good thing! With my help, your brochure, website copy, SEO optimized blog posts, post cards or press releases will work much harder for you. Investing in effective marketing copy that plainly conveys the reasons to work with you pays off.

Give me a call today at 203-877-3777 to talk about your writing project and find out how I can help. Anyone can write a sentence, but I’ll help you make sure your marketing copy is clear, concise and compelling so you can land new clients or customers and increase your bottom line.

Case Study

Recently I worked with a client I’ll call Chris. As a professional speaker and coach, Chris was looking for more keynotes and corporate work. As we started talking about his brochure (called a speaker sheet), he realized most of his speeches and workshops sounded like a lot of other speakers. This realization made him feel completely unsure of what to say about himself, how to talk about his business or proceed.

Insightful Questions Got Chris Unstuck and Moving

I asked Chris a few insightful questions to help him think about his clients’ problems and the solutions he offers. He shared his thoughts and we hashed it out. My 20+ years of experience in marketing and as a copywriter for a wide range of Fortune 500 clients, small businesses, and all sorts of professionals, helped Chris gain the clarity he needed to get rolling again. We came up with an angle that helped him stand out from his competition.

Clear Strategy Brings Happiness

Once the marketing copy strategy was clear, I wrote titles for his talks and speaker sheet copy to capture attention and set him apart. Not only was Chris happy with the finished piece, but he now had a hard-working marketing strategy to help him open doors and get more business.

Don’t you love a happy ending?


Photo credit: Jessica Merz
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