6 Easy List Building Strategies for Email Marketing

Is List Building on Your To-Do List?

copywriter, list building strategiesContrary to earlier reports spreading doom and gloom, email marketing is not dead! The bigger your email list, the more marketing prowess you’ve got. Email is still alive and a viable marketing method to keep in touch with your customers.

Now that you know email is here for some time, let me share six easy list building strategies.

1. Capture emails from customers who visit your store front or office. Don’t let people walk away without asking for their email address. They may decline to provide it, but in-person requests work very well.

2. Leverage website traffic with opt-in boxes. When someone visits your website,  capture their contact information. Best places to display an opt-in box include your header, the about page, and any other high traffic page.

3. Strengthen website capture with a free offer. To increase the rate of visitors who share their email address, offer something for free. You can write a special report about the service or products you feature or provide an audio download about what you do. Chose something that has real value. Don’t make this an advertisement which could turn people off. Answer frequent questions or offer suggestions on a topic that your customers want to know more about. Find a way to be of service

4. Ask if you can send people you meet your newsletter. When you network with people, you usually trade business cards. Often people just add these names to their list, which is not only tacky, but also a type of spam. Instead, ask if you can add them to your list. Or offer your free report so the people you meet get something free by sharing contact information.

5. Add an email sign up page on your Facebook fan page. Many email services offer simple code to put an opt-in box on Facebook. Providers like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp will help you set this up. Then you can encourage fans to sign up. This is a strong list building strategy, especially if you have an active Facebook community.

6. Collect emails at speaking engagements. If you have the chance to get in front of groups and talk about your services, this is another powerful way to collect a lot of names at one time. You can pass around a clipboard for people to sign up for your newsletter. Better still, do a drawing and ask people to put their business cards into a hat, Then  choose a winner. Everyone wants to win, so you’ll get more cards and email addresses this way.

Once you collect these addresses, don’t let them lie fallow. The point of list building strategies is to use the list! Be sure to send regular emails, at least monthly to stay in touch, announce new services or products, introduce new staff, communicate changes in your hours and more.

If you need help with list building strategies or writing newsletter or a special report, call me at 203-877-3777 or  email me. Happy to help!

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